The Crispiest Fries…

French fries

A soggy fry is a sad fry. In fact, it probably shouldn’t even be called a “fry.” Make sure the next time you cook a batch they’re crispy—really crispy.

As I mentioned in my last blog, for recipes you have Google..

For techniques lets get busy… I am assuming you know what fries are made of.. if not Google it…

Simple and easy rules:

Choice of potatoes, make sure they are large not so new, and not so sweet. Higher the starch, higher the darkness to them sweeter they are.

Use a mandolin to get even sized evenly cooked fries.

Another  trick is to blanch the fries in water, then freeze them, which allows more of the potato’s moisture to escape, thus producing a crispier fry.

And generally speaking,  fry the French fries twice — once at a lower temperature to cook the inside of the fry,

Freeze them,,,

And then a second time at a higher temperature to brown the exterior.
As you can see, there’s a lot of steps involved &  there is no short cut 😉

Now, this shouldn’t discourage you from trying to make French fries. But it should give you an idea of why restaurant fries tend to be more crispy. However, if you use the proper technique, you can still definitely make delicious, crispy French fries at home.


  • Potatoes must be cold in order to make amazing fries
  • If you want to pre-soak the potatoes to get rid of starch, sometimes it’s fun to dump a ton of salt into ice water to make them extra salty
  • Fried fries hate water. Keep them in a paper bag after you cook them and they will stay crispier longer. (But only for a few minutes usually.)
  • The more regular the volume of the potato cuts are, the more evenly they will cook
  • Unrefined peanut oil has a smoke point of 162°C. Refined is 230°C
  • A heavy sauce pan will have a more even temperature.P
  • The oil temperature will drop a bunch when you add the fries. A thermometer will help you to keep a consistent temperature.

PPS: These are pointers and not necessarily in any order. I want you to understand the procedure and the concept of the food you are handling and its desired outcome for which the above pointers..

PPPS: Adding chopped garlic and parsley to fries with your salt creates another magic

Now use your instincts and let the magic begin…

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A hikers guide to tech & food!


It’s been a while.. I’ve been thinking I should write.. What time better than now! Some suggested, some motivated, but no one criticised, so thank you all and I have started…

What should I write?..

Well for those who know me, it better be food or technology and for that matter anything and everything I love.. There is one thing common between all of them. That commonness is the love & passion for things I take into my hands.

If that had to be running a restaurant in Goa and having some of my role model chefs arriving unannounced to try (me) out 😉 Or just figuring out that a proof of concept done 5 years ago having a positive impact on everyday life.

Hence it was only the love or passion, not the qualifications, experience, academics or anything one expected you to have to dabble with technology or food. Two brilliant realities that are a part our daily lives but yet so different. Both involve art science and can have different result if the love is missing..

I am not exponentially capable, it was just the love of it…

Passion is the drunkenness of the mind!

So what do I blog for on technology: Just like anybody else, I will disseminate my opinions!

My love & hate for Mac & Android, my verdict on who should doom & who should live… Why Facebook has a new feature and why Windows still wants to compete in a space it never did well (the Internet) and maybe why this grossly huge animal called Google needs another disruptive technology to keep monopoly in check… Why is cloud computing, social marketing, data messaging so big and why is the world changing a bit faster than we realise…

Naah no more lame recipes, for that there is Google! I demonstrated techniques, some that worked some that failed, now that I am a bit away from cooking the brains a bit rusty.. But nothing just about nothing can stop me from cooking or writing or experimenting… As they say there is no love purer than the love for food.

When it comes to food, technology is changing this game too! Food is looked at a science more then an art and vice versa… the perfect blend wins… Its no more magic in hands but precision of measuring grams and Celsius, humidity… Though most of the times its the gut feel of instincts that tells me the fine line of what to omit and how much creativity to add.

I will stick to pointers that can improvise a general hobbyist turn into a better chef! I will do all what it takes to make everyone do what they love and not get trapped in some lame ass job and think my life sucks as I did few years ago…

This world needs happy people.. there is just about enough and everything of the rest.

Besides Life it too short for average food, may all average places perish one day.. May all those who love win!

May this inspire you in many different and better ways than you can imagine..

Manav Paul